"Gaelic folk superstars" - BBC's The Quay Sessions


"Stronger than ever"  - FolkWords.com


"Mànran play an engaging, boisterous set and win a lot of new fans in the process" - The Herald


"Mànran – a hugely entertaining band with some serious points to make!" - fRoots


"Incendiary fire to send a lively crowd into a frenzied seething mass" - Fatea Records


'Tha Mànran air an guth a lorg' ('Mànran have found their voice') - Dàna mag


"At the very top of their productive and creative game" - Folkradio.co.uk


"Rousing Gaelic folk-rock" - Rob Adams, the Herald


"This is an outstanding album" - Living Tradition 




"One of the most exciting of the new crop of Scottish traditional bands, they’ve got it all, the songs and the tunes." - Eddie Barcan, Cambridge Folk Festival

"Mànran are an exceptionally talented bunch of young guys that are taking the music world by storm with their high energy, stomping tunes and phenomenal gaelic and english songs" - Donald Shaw, Celtic Connections

"A thrilling live act, Mànran are one of Scotland’s best traditional outfits and their star is most definitely on the rise. Watch them go." - The Daily Record

Continuing their triumphant first year’s progress, having launched themselves at Celtic Connections in January, Highland outfit Mànran made their English debut with barnstorming sets on both main stages. Folk-rock has become a widely discredited sub-genre in an age of more exotic fusions, but Mànran – comprising six already established young instrumental and vocal luminaries – tackle this tricky territory boldly head-on, leavening their stomp-along power with top-drawer technical prowess and a wealth of distinctive flourishes, including English and Gaelic songs (both traditional and original), twinned Scottish and Irish bagpipes, a penchant for funk and reggae grooves and arrangements that match multi-layered richness with vivid definition.
— Sue Wilson, The Herald