"Mànran live are electric and quite simply unstoppable" - Sunday Herald

“Musically Mànran are up there with the best folk-rock bands our country has ever produced.” - The Daily Record

"Gaelic folk superstars" - BBC Radio Scotland

‘Mànran are a band we’d put money on to succeed’ - The Financial Times

‘Listening to Mànran made us want to sing and dance like primal animals’ - The BILD

‘Twin-bagpipe attack could heat the blood of any non-Celt’ - Sydney Morning Herald

‘Holding aloft the torch of Scottish traditional music’ - The Blue Mountains Gazette

'Incendiary fire to send a lively crowd into a frenzied seething mass' - Fatea Records

'Tha Mànran air an guth a lorg' ('Mànran have found their voice') - Dàna mag

'At the very top of their productive and creative game' - Folkradio.co.uk

"Mànran are an exceptionally talented bunch that have taken the music world by storm with their high energy tunes and songs" - Donald Shaw, Celtic Connections

"One of the most exciting Scottish bands, the songs, the tunes, they’ve got it all." - Eddie Barcan, Glastonbury